The Pantheon of Hallo

The Gods of Good

Corellon, God of Art and Music. Symbol is a Tall Silver Star with a Green Gem in the Center. Patron of Elves.
Lathander, God of the Sun and Life. Symbol is the Rising Sun. Worshiped most by Humans.
Sel√Ľne, Goddess of the Moon and Wanderers. Symbol is a Pair of Female Eyes surrounded by Seven Silver Stars.
Sune, Goddess of Love and Beauty. Symbol is the Face of a Beautiful Woman.
Moradin, God of Creation and Protection. Symbol is an Anvil with Flames on Top. Patron of Dwarves.
Yondalla, Goddess of Community and Law. Symbol is a Cornucopia over a Green Shield. Patron of Halflings.

The Gods of Neutrality

Mystra, Goddess of Magic. Symbol is a Blue-White Star.
Oghma, God of Knowledge and Invention. Symbol is a Blank Scroll.
Silvanus, God of Nature and Forests. Symbol is a Green Living Oak Leaf.
Tempus, God of War and Strength. Symbol is a Upright Flaming Sword over a Blood-Red Shield.

The Gods of Evil

Asmodeus, God of Sin and the Underworld. Symbol is a Black Hole surrounding by a Ring of Fire
Bane, God of Fear, Hatred, and Tyranny. Symbol is a Upright Black Right Hand in a Fist
Cyric, God of Deception and Murder. Symbol is a Jaw-less Skull over a Purple and Black Sunburst.
Kelemvor, God of Death and the Dead. Symbol is a Skeletal Arm Holding Up a Balanced Scale.
Lolth, Goddess of Chaos and Spiders. Symbol is a Spider-Web Star with a Red Gem in the Center. Patron of the Drow.
Shar, Goddess of Darkness and Loss. Symbol is a Black Hole Ringed by Purple.

Need More Gods?

See page 294, Appendix B, of the Player’s Handbook

The Pantheon of Hallo

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