Major Events in Hallo

The Abandoning

Eight years ago the gods of good, such as Lathander and Selune, vanished from Hallo without a trace. Devote worshippers no longer have their prayers answered and many cultures founded on the gods of good have crumbled. Without the god’s presence, evil has begun to rise up.

Hephaestus’s Rule

The capital city of the Mountain Dwarves, Mienus Kar, was attacked and taken over by an ancient red dragon named Hephaestus. Many mountain dwarves initially fled and now live as refugees among other towns or with their hill dwarf bretheren. Hephaestus now rules with savage force and imposes heavy taxes on all the remaining dwarves, keeping them in a constant state of poverty and squalor.

The Lost Elves

The ancient Llothien woods have fallen under darkness. Dark shapes move between the trees and the woods give off an eery, unsettling feeling. No being who has entered the woods since The Abandoning has yet to return. Trade between the elf capital, Viendilin, and the surrounding city has ceased entirely. No one is able to contact or knows what has happened to the once mighty elves who lived in the Llothien woods.

Fall of an Empire

The once mighty human capital, Avensea, which was built upon the ideology and strength of the mighty god Lathander has begun to crumble in his absence. The city has quickly fallen into disrepair without Lathander’s order to dispense justice and enforce laws. Within this power vacuum, corrupt law enforcers and false gods have begun to take over. The city grows ever poorer and more dangerous to live in every day.

The surrounding cities and cities who relied on trade with Avensea are suffering now too. The entire country side is quickly sliding into poverty and despair.

Lord Strahd the Benevolent

In the north east, most of the land is now ruled by the Vampire Lord, Strahd. In the absence of the god’s power, Strahd stepped in and now protects the surrounding land from other horrible evils who threaten to destroy it. But Strahd’s protection comes with a cost. Humans are required to donate their blood and often their services to their vampire overlords. In this region, Dhampir’s and their vampire masters are common and flourish under the reign of Strahd.

Major Events in Hallo

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