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Hallo is a gothic horror inspired high fantasy world filled with vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, and any horror related trope you can imagine. The world is dark high fantasy.

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The word of Hallo has always been a dark and savage world. Magic runs rampant in the world, filling the world’s ancient forests and mountain caves with savage beasts and powerful monsters. Demons and other dark creatures lie waiting in the dark for the chance to escape from hell or corrupt the good folk of Hallo.

However, the races of Hallo were not left to fend for themselves. Worshippers of the gods of good are gifted with powerful holy magic strong enough to fight back against the encroaching darkness. Celestials and other holy beings lend their aid in keeping the unholy ones at bay. The world of Hallo is a constant struggle between light and darkness; evil is tentatively kept at bay by the forces of good.

This was true until The Abandoning happened 8 years ago. The Abandoning was the day the forces of good disappeared. No one knows why but the gods of good no longer answer their ¬†worshipper’s prayers. Goodly creatures, such as the Angels and platinum dragons, have vanished. The sky has darkened and become constantly overcast; the world has plunged into darkness and within this new world, evil has begun to rise.

Current Day
Hallo is quickly becoming an extremely dark and dangerous place to live. Individuals who worshipped evil gods still have their prayers answered and without holy magic to keep them in check, unholy beings and dark creatures have become more common place. Ancient and majestic cities and towns are beginning to crumble into ruin and squalor.


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